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dadkps;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;a in middle school have developed a society on their own. This society accepts some children and rejects other; scarring people for life. The people at the highest point in this society are the “popular kids.” “Popular kids” are what every teenager strives to be because they give off the illusion that they are perfect. They create an impossible standard for “regular kids” to try and meet. These popular kids will tease and scorn the people who they believe do not belong in their group. These cliques of “popular kids” can completely take away a person’s individuality. Sometimes these groups make other kids feel so bad that they end up hating themselves. Popular kids will pick on other kids that they deem social outcasts. A lot of the time, popular kids are just trying to make themselves feel better by picking on other kids. A kid can teased for anything, even things they have no control over. If a child is obese because they have never been taught to eat properly; that is not the child fault. The popular kids will surely tease that child because they want to feel better about themselves. Popular kids will often target one child, and not a group, because it is easier to make one person feel bad about themselves than an entire group of children. One way to fight against popular kids or bullies is to always stay with a group; there is safety in numbers. Suicide is the number one killer of teenagers. Many factors have lead to the rise in teen suicide but one critical reason is the constant teasing in high schools. Constant teasing has led to teenagers feeling depressed and alone in the world. These teenagers feel like there is no hope in the world and feel the only way out is suicide. Many teenagers feel they are “labeled” by the popular kids. They have a reputation they can never

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