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Add/Adhd Essay

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  • on January 29, 2012
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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention-deficit disorder, most commonly recognized as ADHD and ADD, are neurobiological disorders that are most common among children; however, they are not unheard of in adults. An internet article entitled “Understanding and Identifying Children with ADHD: First Steps to Effective Intervention” put out by the US Department of Education cites several different causes of ADHD “such as pregnancy and birth, illness, lead poisoning, injury and prenatal drug exposure.” Children that are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD have trouble paying attention, are often hyperactive, and act on impulse.   There are several myths and misconceptions about these two mental illnesses.   Some are, there are no such medical conditions as ADD/ADHD, ADD/ADHD is a life sentence, ADD/ADHD is caused by bad parenting, and having ADD/ADHD means the person is dumb. Although drug treatment is the most common antidote to ADD/ADHD, a combination of diet, behavior intervention and medication is the best antidote for ADD/ADHD. 

  Diet, although often overlooked, is extremely effective in lessening or combating the effects of ADHD/ADD. James Lavalle discussed the problem of a person having poor nutrition as a possible cause of ADD/ADHD in his article “Emotional, Nutritional Issues Offer Treatment Insight” that was published in Drug Store News. He writes, “It seems plausible that several nutrient depletions and food intake issues can be linked to possible causes of ADD and ADHD.” Because of a link between poor nutrition and ADD, there can be a reversal by integrating proper nutrition to a person with ADD/ADHD. This addition can, with a combination of behavior interventions and medication, help stop the signs of ADHD/ADD. Thus, a healthy diet for people with ADD and ADHD is a very significant factor. 

  Diet along with a combination of medication and behavior interventions, can help control these disorders, but knowing the ingredients of a proper diet is...

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