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Khay Airon R. Fajardo 2014-07820 Spcm 1 Y-4R Sept. 29,2015 The Caucasian Chalk Circle I was overwhelmed because I got a chance to watch the play directed by Sir Rufo. For me, all the plays that are directed by sir Rufo are all enchanting. I am not disappointed because the moment I entered DL Umali, the stage is pretty attractive. Before the play starts, all seats are already taken and it is not enough to occupy all the audience. The props and costumes of the characters are really creative. But I observed that the props on the head of the characters served as a distraction to the actors and actresses as well as the audience because it is heavy and it is prone to falling down so they keep on holding it during their act. When it comes to their acting, they delivered it appropriately. All their actions were emphasize by their emotions and voices. The choice of the actors and actresses are really appropriate to their respective roles. The protagonist and antagonist have done a good job on their acting. I was really entertained on the play. I really enjoyed watching it. The way they acted, the way they delivered the lines with emotions and the way they are coordinated were really perfect and existed on the play. I experienced different emotions while watching it such as sadness, happiness and ‘kilig’. There are different moods existed during the play and theses moods helped the people to stay focused and keep in touch in the play. The lightings and background sound effects are pretty cool and really did a big job in the play. The lightings and sounds are well executed and caused no delay. It helped the play more realistic and lively. The plot of the play is clear to the audience. Sir Rufo did a good job on selecting actors and actresses too such as the child. He was so cute that he made all the audience liked him very much. He was jolly at the

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