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This report will discuss about important of soft skills for university students. What is soft skill? This question is not easy to answer because it is different from context to other context. Soft skill can be described on how a person interacts with others during their job performance, family wise or career prospects. The ability on that individual to deliver a clear idea will make the listener get the messages clearly. In the world nowadays, besides of educational knowledge, soft-skills are one important factor determining the success of young people. Therefore, to determine how important the soft skill is, we had interviewed Puan Wafty Binti Abdul Rahman for further information. First, we were told that the communication skill is one of the most important. Having a good ability to communicate not only helps you to build up relationships and present ideas but also make you a better leader. Most of UMP graduated student is lack of communication skill nowadays, since uses of technology devices is had restricted our mouth to speak. This is the most common complains from lots of industries. All workplaces entail conflicts, of varying scales and of varying levels of importance or unimportance. In order to solve conflict, we have to be calm and respectful, then we need to voice out and don’t offend our voice. We may find a mediator, so we have time to defend ourselves whether our idea is true or not, another party also have times to express themselves, where we can compromise and find a middle way to accept weakness and ability. Today, more than ever, resilience is needed in the workplace. Employees are experiencing on-going change in the workplace. First, we have to have healthy in physical and mind, positive thinking, energetic, and durable, adapt to changes, and the most important 4F model, there are fast, friendly, flexible and focus. Then we have to set our own

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