Adaptation Analysis: the Hunger Games

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Adaptation Analysis: The Hunger Games Dorothea Guzman DeVry University LTRE 422 Adaptation Analysis: The Hunger Games “Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor” (Collins, 2008, p. 8)! In Collins’ (2008) science fiction adventure novel, The Hunger Games, this is the most dreaded, unwanted, and terrifying annual announcement that the people of the Districts of Panem are forced to hear. Panem is the nation that replaced North America after it was destroyed by war. It consists of a beautiful Capitol surrounded by twelve districts under the control of its government and evil president. The people who live in Capitol are the wealthy and government employees; whereas the people of the districts are mostly impoverished or middle working class. As punishment for a nearly century old uprising revolt each district must allow two children between the ages of twelve and eighteen years old, one girl and one boy, to be chosen in a drawing to go to Capitol to participate in the “hunger games”. This is a sure fire death sentence for 23 of those children, as there can only be one victor, and it is a battle to the death. Ross (2012) movie adaptation, The Hunger Games brings this book to the theaters. This movie was a successful close adaptation which brought the book to life on the big screen with some minor changes. Both the book and the film made statements about society and the government’s power and control over the citizens of the nation; showing the fear and horror that people must live with. This paper will analyze the literary adaptation, compare it to the book and attempt to explain what made it successful. The book and the movie begin in similar scenarios in the home of Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year-old resident of District 12, the coal miner district. Katniss lives with her mother and little sister, Prim Rose, who is twelve years

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