Adam Hoover Arguments Against Abortion

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ProChoice Adam Hoover Arguments against the legal status of abortion are moral debacles shrouded in the absurd claims of an oppressive few who mean to impose their views onto another persons body. I stand up for not only American rights, but also women's rights because there are people out there who mean to take away what a human being can do with their body. I refuse to live in a country where a woman has her future mandated by ridiculous laws backed on little to no reason. An individuals personal values should be respected, but when someone mean to make all abide by their opinion, this is the true extent of government despotism. No person can be allowed to have that utter control over half the members of a nation. This is why I'm pro-choice.…show more content…
Would you have cared if your mother aborted you? My answer is obviously not. I would not have cared if I existed as I am today or not, because I would not have been aware of the choice. In fact, maybe my mother's life would have been better off without me? That's entirely her jurisdiction. Another very weak argumentative question is well, what if this fetus carried the mental capacity to find the cure for some malignant disease? I always answer this ignorant question with the rebuttal, "And what if the cure for such disease would have just as easily formed in the mind of a 15 year old girl who was forced to drop out of school to support the baby she didn't want and wasn't ready for?" No one has answers for these questions, but I will not put the fetus who can not independently exist above the woman…show more content…
No religious reasons exist, the bible doesn't say anything negative about abortion. Numbers 3:15-16 states that a infant is not even counted as a person until it is one month old. There little to no health risks with abortion considering that during the first trimester when 88% of women get their abortion, only an approximated 2% of women will have a complication. Is it even logical to make abortion illegal, knowing that it will still continue, and all those woman could die from infections or complications with a unsafe abortion? Legalization is the only way to keep these women's bodies safe. A woman's body is hers, I have no right to interfere with that. I want everyone to have the best possible medical care in life. Women are subjected to birth control that can fail and even forced insemination. When I see a woman struggling with her family, who doesnt want another baby, knowing that

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