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Maintenance policy The Maintenance Department of the SME COMPANY LLP is responsible for managing the maintenance function in the most cost effective manner possible while maximizing the useful life of Companies properties and providing the best service to our residents. The following policy statements are designed to establish the structure of an effective and efficient maintenance system 1.0 COMPONENTS OF A MAINTENANCE SYSTEM The SME COMPANY LLP maintenance system shall include certain components: A. A system of priorities for work requests; B. Comprehensive working procedures; C. Performance goals; D. A work order system; E. A skills training program; and F. A long-range planning system. By developing a maintenance system that has these components in place, the maintenance staff will have the tools it needs to control the performance of maintenance department. 1.1 PRIORITY SYSTEM The work priorities adopted by the SME COMPANY LLP exemplify its philosophy of delivering maintenance services. This priority system ensures that the most important maintenance work is done at a time it can be performed most cost-effectively. Minimizing vacancy loss is part of the cost-effectiveness calculation. The maintenance priorities of this company are the following: A. Emergencies B. Vacancy Preparation C. Scheduled Operations and Services D. Resident On-Demand Requests Placing planned maintenance and vacancy preparation work ahead of resident work requests does not indicate that resident requests are unimportant. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining control of the maintenance work by performing scheduled routine and preventive work first. By doing so SME COMPANY LLP will decrease on-demand work and

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