Ada Versus Adm Essay

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Running head: ADA VERSUS ADM ADA versus ADM Essay Grand Canyon University Module 1 Angela Faulkner November 23, 2011 Most states assume constitutional responsibility for providing a system of education. In North Carolina, public school financing is the responsibility of the state and local government. The state assumes responsibility for funding public school instructional expenses, while counties are responsible for school capital needs. However, local governments have used local property tax money as a source of funding for public schools. Being that tax rates are set by local government officials, this local control led to differences in school funding depending on the property wealth of surrounding communities. Due to the wealth-related differences in school support, many states have called on state government to come up with ways to fund public schools more equitably ( Edsource ). North Carolina uses the following sources to cover public school operational expenses. State revenue resources covers instructional expenses such as teacher salaries and administrative support. Allocations to counties are based on the average daily membership and salary schedules for personnel employed in state-allocated positions by the local school board. Secondly, North Carolina some public schools receive Title 1 funds. These are federal funds, allocated through the state to counties for instructional expenses with allocation being based on the number of economic disadvantaged students. Thirdly the state receives funding through the education lottery fund. Fifty percent of net state lottery revenues are allocated to schools for purposes of school construction, thus reducing classroom sizes, and facilitation of the states’ pre-kindergarten program. Due to recent budget challenges, the state approved the redirection of lottery funds to fund teacher

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