Ada Versus Adm Essay

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ADA Versus ADM Essay Tami M. Grimes Grand Canyon University: EDA 535 September 23, 2014 The distribution of funds for public schools in this country varies from each state. The reason that they vary is because of the property tax rate that is setup by the local school districts, local political officials, and in some areas by the citizens, The location and area where the schools and districts are located, funding can be plentiful or sparse in numbers. This simply means that if a school is located in an affluent community, the school will be allocated more funding than a school that is located in an urban community. It is up to the building principal in every school to comprehend how the allocation of funds through Average Daily Attendance (ADA) or (ADM) Average Daily Membership. It is the job of the school administrator to know and understand the best way they can obtain funding for their schools and how to make better use of them to provide the greatest service possible to the students. Funding for schools is not accessible as in past years. Administrators who plan effectively always anticipate that revenue and allotted expenditures could change rapidly. As education has changed over the years administrators should always be cognizant of the various challenges that students encounter on a daily basis. Administrators also should aware of how to help students deal with these obstacles so that teachers can instruct and keep students engaged in the classroom. There are many components in education that has changed its direction and the main one is technology, No Child Left Behind, and IDEA. As educators all over the country we are faced with having to embrace and implement technology into our schools and for teachers their lessons. We have students who are very skilled with technology and in order to keep they engage and involved in the lessons we have to

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