Ada & Programming Essay

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Since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, there have been major improvements in how the community interacts with people with disabilities. These changes have been helpful in creating opportunities for many, but there are still some discrepancies among recreation professionals in how to deal with these changes in both facilities and programming. The ADA accessibility guidelines provide a manager with suggestions for designing a facility to accommodate people with disabilities. With decreasing budgets and increasing litigation, it is important as a facility manager to comply with all ADA laws and mandates when it comes to access to a recreation center. The ADA is detailed into five titles, and Title III corresponds to any public accommodation or commercial facility. Failing to accommodate could result in a suit filed through the Department of Justice which would lead to costly repairs from lawsuits and lawyers. With adequate and accessible facilities, anyone with any disability could thoroughly enjoy a recreation center and the programs it provides. Three main areas of ADA facility compliance include alterations, cost feasibility and universal design. In the study of accessibility in health clubs for people with mobile disabilities and visual impairment, they developed a method to measure accessible environments in six major areas (Rimmer, Riley, Wang, & Rauworth, 2005). AIMFREE was the instrument used to evaluate the following: 1) built environment, 2) equipment, 3) information, 4) policies, 5) swimming pools and 6) professional behavior. In all, thirty-five facilities were visited by trained professionals in nine major regions across the US. The surveys involved were transformed to calculation on a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being a perfectly accessible facility. Most facilities scored in the fifty to seventy ranges,

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