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Some of the questions that need to be answered are:  What type of industry does your business represent?  What are the company’s long term goals?  What type of network topology are we currently using?  ? What will the name of your domain be?  Do you want a single or multiple or forest(s)?  If using a single forest do you want to use more than one domain?  Where will your domains be located?  How many workers does your company employ?  I will also need the number of workstations, printers and servers. To design the infrastructure of an AD DS forest for your organization, I will have to collect organizational and administrative requirements, and then decide which design to use. There are several possible designs, and each one requires some trade-offs. Based on the requirements of your organization, I must determine the type of AD DS forest and forest root domain. Also, I must plan for trusts between forests, determine whether your organization requires multiple forests, and determine which modifications, if any, I must make to the AD DS schema. In addition, I must design for the time synchronization of all computer clocks in your organization by using the Windows Time service. After designing the infrastructure for the AD DS forest as described above, I will need to design the AD DS domain infrastructure. To do this, I will have to decide on the AD DS domain design model and the placement and deployment of domain controllers, based on your organization's needs. After designing the AD DS domain, I will integrate the internal and external DNS namespaces with the AD DS domain by using DNS servers. If your design consists of multiple domains, I can create domain trusts to enable easy and reliable communication from one domain to another. You need to choose the right type of domain trust, based on your organization's needs. I will design the site

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