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Jahleel Michael 09/20/12 Ad Critique: Mountain Dew “DEWeezy” Ad critiques are on the rise and it is a great way for people to give their own opinion on different advertisement that they may see while surfing the web or even reading a newspaper or magazine. An ad critique is an evaluation of an advertisement stating why it is or is not effective. I have seen many advertisements on television, the internet and in my hip hop magazines that I often read. Out of many of the ads that I saw, the Mountain Dew ad campaign caught my attention. It is very unique and smart way to get consumers to buying their product. The Mountain Dew ad campaign features a few music artists from different genres. Some of these musical artists include Dwayne Carter also known as Lil Wayne and Malcolm James McCormick also known as Mac Miller. The advertisement has three different versions, a video, radio and print commercial. In the DEWeezy advertisement, Lil Wayne motivates his fans, not to drink the soda, but to do what they love doing. His main message in the commercial is, “whenever you fall in life, get back up.” The ad was created back in Austin, Texas on March 15th 2012. Out of the many ads that Mountain Dew has, this ad stands out to me and is the most unique. Lil wayne’s name, itself, is a brand and Mountain Dew has combined their name to with Lil wayne’s and came up with a catchy campaign name, “DEWeezy.” No other Mountain Campaign uses the artist’s name as a part of the ad. This ad is very effective because of the fan base that Lil Wayne has around the world. Lil Wayne is one of the biggest figures in music today and what he is a part of affects his fans. Most of his fans share the demographics of someone who would drink soda. Therefore, using Lil Wayne in the mountain Dew Ad campaign was a great

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