Ad Analysis Essay on Texting and Driving

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Text messaging while driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving and needs to be stopped. Many states are making it illegal and punishable with hefty fines. While that has scared some out of doing it, there are still too many who think that they are capable of texting and driving without being distracted by it. Nowadays, there are many ads along with well-known celebrities trying to encourage people to see the real dangers in it and to make them stop before it is too late. BMW, which is a German manufacturer that is well-known for its luxury cars, took a stand to stop texting and driving with several ads in 2011. "Overprotective" is the title of one of the televisual ads. This ad is obviously directed at anyone who is a parent and drives a car, but it could even make others think twice before texting while driving. The ad features six parents who are all overprotective, and it seems like it would do well at catching the attention of all kinds of parents, as it is very comical up until the very last few seconds. The ad starts out with a mom standing in a parking lot with her daughter, who looks like she may be getting ready to walk into school, when the mom squirts hand sanitizer all over her daughter's hands and arms. The little girl just stands there giving her mom a puzzled stare, while her mom is vigorously rubbing the sanitizer all over her arms. The next overprotective parent that we see is a dad who is fastening the strap of his daughter's bicycle helmet under her chin. Then he moves onto make sure that her knee pads are secure by knocking on them with his knuckles, almost in the same way that he would knock on a door. Last, the little girl opens her mouth, and we see her dad insert a mouth guard into her mouth. When we finally see her on her bicycle that still has training wheels, we also see that her dad is following closely behind with

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