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The advertisement I chose for this assignment was an ad for Three Olives Vodka. For this ad I decided to use the cons in this piece. Many critics say that many ads don’t educate the consumer. For this ad I would have to agree. There is nothing in this ad except for a beautiful woman sitting seductively in a martini glass. I would definitely say this ad is superficial. The only actual information they put in the ad was placed vertical along the left side of the page in about size 8 font. I wasn’t able to even see it until I ripped it out of the magazine. This ad does not improve the standard of living for anyone. This product does not help consumers find lower priced vodka. If anything I would say this ad lowers the standard of living. This ad makes you feel that if you want to be sexy or be with somebody that is sexy you need to drink Three Olives Vodka. We all know this is not true but that is what this ad portrays. This ad does not stimulate demand is only shifts demand from one brand to Three Olives. Nobody that sees this ad is going to say, “I should go out and buy some vodka.” They are going to want to go out and buy this particular brand. The advertising in this ad affect the happiness and well-being in people negatively. This ad makes the consumer only want to buy Three Olives Vodka which is a product that they really don’t need, especially this brand. A woman might not even want to drink Three Olives Vodka but after seeing this ad they might feel that if they want to feel attractive they need to drink it. This ad diffidently shows that advertising promotes or uses materialism. It is very easy to see that this ad puts materialism before spiritual and intellectual pursuits. This ad portrays these products as a symbol of status, success, and happiness, contributes to the materialism and superficiality in our society. Two product categories that I think

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