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Danh Pham 25 June 2014 English C100--Mr. Davis Ad Analysis The worst by action games Advertisement Nowadays, technology is increasing very powerful worldwide; as the result, people create many kinds of action games for the teenagers. Some games can help our children for good. On the other hand, plenty of games are not good for our children. For example, Crossfire, Leaf4dead, and Battlefield are the most popular action games with full of fights and clashes on the market nowadays. Three significant terrible effects derived from those games for the young generations are included killing actions, blood, and sexual content. I will explain three significant terrible effects from the advertisement to the teenager’s future. The first effect on this advertisement is the killing action. The action games will make our teenager get a lot of problems into their brain. The players of those games tend to impersonate an action hero. Moreover, the players will involve in using guns to kill the virtual enemies. The action can lead our teenager think they can be killers in real life. The illusion of being murderers haunts our teenagers’ mind and causes many kinds of violence in real life. In fact, a recent and terrible newspaper I just read mentions about how awful it is when a teenager boy brings gun to his school and shoots his entire classmates in front of the teachers. I cannot image how shameful it is for his parents when they hear the news that their son is an outrageous murderer. The entire advertisement is a warning message to the parents and alerts parent to find out methods to prevent their children from playing action games. The second effect, which is the most important influence in game and alerts parents the most, is blood in video game. The bloody color on this advertisement is the awful thing that makes the action game more dangerous to our

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