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Types of Hospitals Matthew Types of Hospitals When speaking of acute care facilities, one word comes to mind that sums them all up. The word acute, but what does it mean? Acute means extremely great or serious, crucial or critical. This is precisely what acute care facilities are all about. An acute care facility provides immediate care for traumas and other serious injuries. They also treat patients with onset of severe or sudden illness, and those who are recovering from surgery. In general, stays are meant to be brief in acute care, once the patients are considered stable; they are sent home or transferred to other medical facilities. There are several types of acute care facilities. They range from hospitals to emergency departments to urgent care centers and even some long-term-care hospitals and facilities (Stern, D. 2009, June 30). Though there are several different types of acute care facilities they are serve the same general purpose, which is to provide immediate care for an individual. Acute care hospitals are equipped to treat emergency situations such as accidental injury, heart attacks, strokes, infection control, and illnesses requiring a quick response (Stern, D. 2009, June 30). They can also provide careful monitoring, and immediate diagnostics such as lab work, X-rays and imaging which can limit moving the patient as…show more content…
These include nonprofit and for-profit corporations (Gartee, R. 2011). However, the majority of hospitals are owned by nonprofit organizations or governments. The ownership of the hospital influences not only its goals, but its management and financial structure. One major influence that affects these structures is that nonprofit hospitals are typically known to accept everyone who comes in the doors, regardless of their ability to pay. This can be good or bad as many patients could decide not to pay their

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