Acupuncture Safety Essay

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sa The first point I want to show to you all is safety. As the fact that acupuncture need to stick needles into the skin of patient, it makes people think is it safe to put these needles into our skin without any harm? Will it leave marks on your body? Are there any effects after they done acupuncture? Acupuncture is actually very safe medical treatment. I will show it to you through the statistic of accident in acupuncture, the material used for acupuncture and the process of acupuncture. The chance of accident occurs during and after acupuncture is very rarely. According to the statistic of the British Acupuncture Council, from the 34,000 treatments done by professional acupuncturists, there were only 40 minor adverse events occur. The 40 minor adverse events including nausea, dizziness, heavy sweating, vomit, headache, tired, minor bleeding increase in pain for a short time. In addition, there are no major adverse events at all. This count as only less than one percent of the accidents occurs during and after acupuncture treatments. Furthermore, according to the interview of Dr. Jaroon Jittiwuttikan, the acupuncturist who have more than 10 years experience there were no fatal side effects before. There were no records of people die from doing acupuncture either. Aside from the record of accident events, the needles used for the acupuncture is clean and harmless. The needles itself is solid and don’t have any medicine in it. They are made from stainless steel. They are only less than 0.4 mm thick or to say it is slightly thicker than our hair. In Thailand, there are 3 sizes of acupuncture needle which are 1 inch long needle that is mostly use, 1.5 inch long that use in a place with thicker skin such as stomach and the last is 2 inch lone needle that only used for the hip. Its tip is round to prevent the bleeding and the injury of tissues as its purpose is to

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