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Actuality V.S. Reality Essay

  • Submitted by: gabbyorsi28
  • on July 4, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gabby Orsi
March 31, 2014
English 300
Actuality v. Reality
In this world that we live in, there are many things that influence the way people think and live.   No matter the age, media at some point affects us all in our day-to-day lives.   It’s hard to get away from something that has become something so essential in our daily lives.   Some people watch the news first thing in the morning and conclude their day with heir favorite sitcom.   Media is there and always will be; the question is whether these sources are beneficial or harmful to society.
Media has become immensely influential in today’s society. This day in age, the media can do as much as slander a person’s name and give them a horrible image like it has done with people like Kanye West, or it can boost the appearance of a person and promote their name and the person they are like it has done with Beyoncé. On that note, everyone views Kanye as an arrogant idiot while girls idolize Beyoncé. Although the media may seem like it is neutral when it comes to controversy, it definitely is not. The media has also influenced people to do bizarre things and also given the appearance that doing certain things are okay.   Many reality shows are proof that media can be harmful to anyone.
Take the TV series Teen Mom for example, it gives off the image the life of a teenage mother isn’t as bad as it has traditionally been made to seem. The show produced by Morgan Freeman endorses young-age pregnancy by bringing these girls on air to tell their story about being a teen mother (Leone). Although the TV series may portray some of the characters to have horrible lives and a hard time raising their children, it is left out that MTV provides them with benefit checks for agreeing to display their lives.   Many young teens have viewed the show and think it’s not hard to raise a child.   A few girls would even say that it actually looks like fun to have a little family so young (Wright). In the article “Teen...

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