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2a Explain how Peter carried out the role of leader in Acts. 35 marks Peter took on many different roles throughout the book of Acts, most notably the role as leader which I shall explain. Firstly looking at the day of Pentecost Peter can be seen carrying out the role of leader. The apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues which showed God speaking through them. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit that Jesus had promised them. The disciples went into the streets and were accused of being drunk, but Peter stood up, as he was left by Jesus to lead the church, and quickly explained that this had already been prophesied by Joel. Peter continued to speak to the crowd of people and talked about the prophets Joel and David as this would make the Jews understand that Jesus was prophesied. This shows Peter carrying out the role of leader from the very beginning. In Acts 1 it can be seen Peter carrying out the role as leader when he replaces Judas with Mathias. The apostles had returned to Jerusalem from the hill called the Mount of Olives. When they were in an upstairs room where they were staying Peter took on role as leader when he stood up among the believers and said they should replace Judas. This show Peter taking the lead immediately, making his first speech saying that the recent events were part of God’s plan of salvation of the word through Jesus. Peter claims that Judas’ actions were necessary for the scriptures to be fulfilled and it is also necessary for Judas to be replaced as he was one of the twelve that shared in Jesus’ ministry and now his shares must be delegated to someone else. This showed great leadership by Peter. They then casted lots and Matthias was selected to replace Judas. Peter’s reaction to persecution is also another way Peter carried out the role of leader in Acts. Sadducees had arrested the apostles and

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