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Overview + what Sainsbury’s do • Chosen Sainsbury’s because it is a very easy site to navigate and has vast amounts of in detail information about the company, its activities, its aims and its objectives. • I have chosen Comp Air Reavell as my second business as, my business teacher had worked there in the past and has a vast amount of knowledge around the companies aims, objectives, activities and what has taken place within the company. How I did my reasearch • I planned out my research by brainstorming an action plan; this majorly helped me in my research as I had goals to meet; giving me motivation. • The action plan can be seen on the next page. • Look at Sainsbury’s website, Action completed, This website aided me in my research on a major scale, as sainsbury’s website is very easy to navigate and is very informative. • Look at Comp Air’s website, Action completed, Although the website is very informative this is mainly the only place you can discover information about the company. This website is very hard to navigate, and is not very user friendly. • Study the presentation, Action Completed, This was very useful, I gathered most of my information from this presentation. • I had 20 hours of lesson research and an almost unlimited outside of school time; much enough to write this assessment in great detail. • I recorded my research in a word document, and explained everything I needed to know for the assessment. Leading Competitors • Leading competitors: Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s and The Co-Operative. • The leading supermarket in the U.K is Tesco as it has a market share of 30.4% • Coming in at number two is Asda, with a 17.4% market share. • At the ranking of third in the, market share is Sainsbury’s. Market share=16.1%. • Tesco own the market share, as they have expanded their business into many other countries, and it has taken off in the

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