Activity of Phishing in Swtor Essay

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Swtor: Mists of Pandaria, the fourth installment of the MMORPG Swtor, was unveiled in October 2011 on the occasion of the conference BlizzCon 2011 held in Anaheim, California. TrendLabs researchers have identified increased activity of phishing in Swtor, Blizzard has passed since Mists of Pandaria in beta testing in March. The crooks who fly these new phishing want to take advantage of the integrated messaging WoW the game malicious URLs that are sent via internal mail and destination of email accounts of players. In this example of phishing, the scam artist invites potential victims to take part in the beta version of Mist of Pandaria to win an exclusive benefit of the game, the Dragon Turtle Mount, after visiting their website and register. The Dragon Turtle Mount was previously presented by Blizzard to be the land of the Pandaren, a new breed of characters available in the expansion of Mist Pandaria. The URL in the phishing email going to a fake site that spoofs the real site. The URL is more credible by placing the abbreviation MOP (Mist of Pandaria) the domain name. If an unsuspecting user's information identifiers is his account on this platform which will be hacked. is centralized platform for managing accounts for all Blizzard games including Swtor, Starcraft 2 and Diablo III . Trend Micro also found that these malicious acts targeting mainly low level characters and not those of high or maximum level (level 85). This is probably part of the strategy of scammers, who know that high level characters are more alert to security issues because of their experience on the game Trend Micro has pushed the malicious domain analysis to discover that the same server hosted other phishing sites

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