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Michelle Heldt Sheila Logan Activity 6 Complaints My work place does not have forms to make a complaint they do it through email and telephone calls and word and mouth. 1. Use relevant forms from workplace to document Mrs. Eastern complaint. As we don’t have forms I would listen to Mrs. Eastern complaint and write it down and then would explain to her that I would email the complaint threw to management and I would offer her the email address in case she would rather email it threw herself if she wished to. Mrs Eastern has complained that the activities are boring. She says that painting Easter bunnies and snowmen are aimed at…show more content…
My manager has asked me to deal with the complaint and report to her when I have resolved the matter, I would then call a meeting including Mrs Eastern and ask what she would like and explaining to her that I have been asked to sort this out. I would then explain to her what I could offer her. I would arrange for her to have a weekly outing depending on the weather, if it is nice then a walk in the park or a trip to the cinema or a bowls club or whatever activity she is interested in. I would arrange for a quiz one day a week. I would also arrange for a beautician to come twice a week to have hair and nails done if she would like. I asked if she would be happy with these changes and would they meet her needs. She said she would be very happy and is happy that the complaint has been taken seriously. I would then email my manager with what we have put in place for Mrs Eastern. 4. All staff should be involved in this discussion on what we can provide so we all know what is happening and when and who is expected to do what so mars eastern don’t feel let down by events not happening because staff don’t know what they are doing or ware they are suppose to be taking mars Eastern. 5. Summaries the main points of the policy. The main points of the policy are to follow complaints procedure. To except the complaint and send to relevant person and have it dealt with within the time scale

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