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Organisations need to collect and record HR Data for HR Planning, this involves looking at the staff that we have in the organisation and seeing if there is any need for more recruitment. Making sure that the staff have the right training and if any need more training in a specific time-scale then HR can make sure that this is done in the correct time frame. Also there is the need to collect and record HR Data for Appraisals. With this data, once the employee has given their feedback from the Appraisal and has stated if they feel that they need extra training in a certain area. HR can collect all the data together and decide how many members of staff need what training and what time line there is to it so that the training can be organised and that the members of staff are getting the qualifications and skills that they require to perform their role to the best of their abilities. The range of HR data collected varies to Appraisals to Payroll. I am going to look at Appraisals and Attendance to see how the different data supports the HR Practice. Appraisals are collected into HR as this supports the HR Practice by the employees telling HR what their Learning and Development needs are. This also lets HR know what could be done to make sure that the member of staff are 100% happy in their role and that they are fulfilling the position to their best ability. The appraisals are meant to motivate the members of staff and help them gain the knowledge that they need from the help of HR. The data that we receive from Attendance helps support the HR practice by letting us know that amount of absences that the company has had in a specific time-scale. This can help by letting HR know how to improve the attendance record. If there are members of staff that are leading towards a disciplinary. There is also the Bradford factor to help with these decisions. The HR practice makes

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