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Activity 1 1.1 Humans as social beings pose a deep need to communicate. As early as from birth, we communicate verbally, using words in different tones and pitch, we cry and laugh, nonverbally we use body language like gestures, touch, facial expression or eye contact. Or we use writing communication for example letter, mails etc. We communicate to get information, create and sustain relationship, express our needs and feelings, support development, share experiences or build trust. This has a huge impact on our lives, and our relationships with each other, and is the base of understanding. 1.2 Communication is something we do automatically, not giving much thought how we doing, but effective communication takes bit of effort. To communicate effectively I will have to be both good observer and listener. I will have to listen with open mind, and put aside my own believes, and prejudice, to ensure that the information are consisting, accurate and informative. That will enable me to build up a good relationship, and trust with service users, and will prevent misunderstanding with them as well as my key workers. This will help me as well to develop, and support my skills, and knowledge about an individual, their condition, and help me to do my job well. 1.3 When we communicate with other, I keep in mind, that we all are different. Each of us has different background, different life experience, opinions and beliefs. We all behave differently, and can communicate in different ways. That’s why by becoming aware of the differences, and paying attention to verbal and nonverbal signals we can get to know each other, and build strong relationship. Observation allows us to understand each other’s needs, give encouragement, show others that they are valued, as well as spotting changes in behaviour or problems that can arise, and help to overcome

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