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Night Activities: 1. Find the deck game! Objectives | : Punctuality - must be on time for every round. Just like how in the future, must be prompt for the submission of proposals in the future. For xcel events as well as hwk and school Realistic goal setting - setting targets that are attainable and not too far off. Teaches them how to be realistic to real life scenarios. Teamwork - how using different methods in a team can make up for the loss of a tool such as a torch or a watch Perseverance - to never give up despite failure , and to stay positive as well as being wary of being too overconfident (asking the wrong senior might result in torchlight death) Confidence building - to learn to deal with setbacks, as well as how to conquer fears of darkness as well as being alone **Note to Xcellers conducting this Activity: * If the juniors arrive back with the cards late, we will have to talk to them about the importance of being punctual as a team, and question them on whether they realise that punctuality takes precedence over trying to achieve additional points for the game. And that in life, it will be more important to submit a work of decent quality on time, than to submit a work of good quality late. * If the juniors arrive back punctually without achieving the target that they have set out to achieve, we will then have to address the issue of setting realistic targets, and that if we do not set realistic targets for ourselves, we will be just setting ourselves up for failure eventually. * For the round that they will be going in pairs, if some of them decides to ‘abandon’ their partner in order to go faster and find more poker cards, we will have to make them realise that they are actually a team, and not individual members. By going alone, it means that they are simply ignoring the well-being of their partners and leaving them behind in the

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