Activist Reaction Paper

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Miguel Dominic D. Alidio Reaction Paper The movie was about how student’s gets involve in independent and outside groups that are rebelling against the government. The rebels use students and lure them into joining their group and their purpose with the help of student accomplice inside the school campus. The accomplice students use social programs to get the students exposed to the society, and how their school is affected. The accomplice students use excuses like tuition fee increase, improvement of school facilities, and better faculty members (even though not true) to make the students rebel against the school. The students are then expelled and are left with no other choice but to join the rebel group. The movie was made in a way that it could be easily understood, but some tagalog words however are too deep and are difficult to understand. It was also not clear how the fraternity was and the League of Filipino Students related to the rebel group or how did their relationship started. The move also lacked some aspects when it comes to the school administration, what are the steps or measures that a school administration could have done to prevent these kinds of situations, movements and groups. It was good that the movie featured different aspects of the environment around a student’s life, like the informal settler’s that make a living out of the garbage dump site, college fraternities that increase the peer pressure and forces the student to do things that they don’t want to, and of course the importance of the parents to the student’s life. It was also good that the movie featured some good Filipino values and cultures that portray the typical Filipino family and the values that still stay true as of now, like the important role of the parents and hospitality. The movie also featured the side of living of the unfortunate Filipino families in the

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