Activia Consumer Behavior Essay

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Week 1 Consumer Behavior Marina Chitanu Go to the Activia website, Write an approximately 500-word essay on what assumptions about consumer behavior you see reflected in that website. Look at the site for the United States and for another country. What differences do you notice? I have searched the website for the United States and then for Russia and Romania, since I understand both languages and it was easier for me to recognize both the information and the concept. I have noticed that all of them are quite different from each other by conception and target focus. The site for United States is wider in information, has celebrities advertising and talking about the products and also promotional coupons for the customers. The Russian website has a better visual spectrum, with animations and colorful images which caught my attention from the first second. The website doesn’t have too much information about the health benefits of the products though. The Romanian site is pretty similar in marketing conception with the one from United States, it has a celebrity advertising the product as well, includes health benefits and also talks about digestion problems for different target groups.!index After looking at the site, how would you describe the target group that the product is aimed toward? After looking at the site I would describe the target group as: • Both males and females, • Age range from 25 to 55 years old, • Health conscious • Persons who practice sport or who try to loose weight. How effectively does Activia reach this target? I think that Activia has a very good market strategy and it’s reaching its target effectively. Their product is unique by offering not only a great taste and an appealing image of the package but also a healthy formula which keeps the

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