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Active voice Tenses; In English language there are 12 tenses in active voice. These tenses are discussed under 4 verbs namely simple verbs. Continuous verbs, perfect verbs & perfect continuous verbs. Each verb has three tenses. 1. Simple present tense 2. Simple past tense 3. Simple future tense 4. Present continuous tense 5. Past continuous tense 6. Future continuous tense 7. Present perfect tense 8. Past perfect tense 9. Future perfect tense 10. Present perfect continuous tense 11. Past perfect continuous tense 12. Future perfect continuous tense * Simple present tense Affirmative form; Subject + verb + rest of the sentence * Singular subject + verb + rest (Infinitive +s/es/ies) Negative form; Subject + do/does + not + verb + rest of the sentence (Infinitive) Introrregative form Do/Does + subject + verb + Rest of the sentence (Infinitive) Uses; the simple present tense is mainly in regular or habitual actions. 1. I go to see my parents once a week. 2. Mr. Perera teaches us English. 3. They don’t take my advice. 4. Does your mother cook tastily? * This tense is also used to describe the general truths & universal issues. 1. Sun rises in the morning. 2. Lion never eat grass. 3. The earth rotates round the sun. * Simple present tense is mostly used in newspapers headlines. 1. President assures better life for rehabilated youth. 2. He resolves the parliament. * Simple past tense Affirmative; Subject + verb + rest of the sentence (Past) Negative; Subject + didn’t + verb + rest

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