Active Listening Essay

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Name Course Instructor Date Active Listening Introduction Active listening is one of the communication skills that enhance understanding, compassion, and comprehension between people. Through active listening, people are able to process information, ask relevant questions, and make pertinent remarks (Kamath 111). Based on these facts, this analysis seeks to establish the importance of active listening and the skills that people should apply when engaged in any form of communication. The skills and importance of active listening As explained by Cournoyer (212), active listening depends on many skills that include the following. Firstly, it is important for people to value silence when another person is speaking. This helps to prevent any form of disruption and ensures that the person receiving the information gets the actual message being communicated. It is important for an individual to use body language when he or she agrees to the message being communicated. Observing silence when another party is speaking also helps to show that the listener is attentive and at the same time allows the speaker to communicate his or her message. Adding something during a conversation process can make the listener to miss some important parts of the message leading to wrong interpretation of information. A listener should make comments when the speaker has finished talking. During this time, the listener may opt to repeat what the speaker said using his or her own words to enable the speaker clarify any information that the listener got wrongly. If possible, people should observe active listening in all situations where communication is taking place. Effective communication is very important especially when the listener hopes to achieve an excellent work and personal relationship. For example, practicing active listening in the workplace helps firm managers
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