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Action Plan PRODUCTIVITY To improve my Productivity thorugh these given points: 30 DAY CHALLENGE: The 5 Stages of Team Development 5 Stages of Team Development: 1. Forming: Team members rely on a safe patterned behaviour by looking up to their Team Leaders, Supervisors as role models. (Team building) 2. Storming: Helping to resolve conflict within the work place by communicating with one another as well as listening to given feedback to make it a postive place to work in. (Target your goals) 3. Norming: All Team members engage with each other so that each member can contribute by playing there part within the work place. (Team work) 4. Performing: The main goal is productivity through problem solving and working thorugh it by finding solutions to given problems and working thorugh them to find your strong points. 5. Adjourning: Give praise to team members who work well with in the team by giving out prizes and showing recognition to those whom have worked hard. (Prizes to the best worker) Production/Stone: A. Increase individual ownership within the workstation E.g. Accountability and responsibility B. Help to introduce the "one piece" flow C. Reorganise the store D. Reduce costs -The time it takes to package the US and UK container E.g. To decrease packing time by not having double hand within the work line - Labour resource: To analyse the peolpe within the line and store to see how we can improve the productivity by seeing what days we we are able to reach our targets and which days we are not able too. - Rework on the line: · Checking the paint quality · The wrong parts given from the supplier · Not doing the job right ( incorrect products made) IMPROVEMENT Personal Improvement: Outside of the Workplace: - Getting Computer training outside of work hours - Getting English lessons (second

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