Acting to Lying Essay

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Chaos v. Ceremonial There are many beliefs and styles surrounding the use of the forces of magic. Two well known types amongst practicing occultists are Chaos Magic and Ceremonial Magic. One is as free as a bird that can traverse the land, sea, sky and cosmos; the other is a strict as a Sunday school teacher in charge of a really rowdy class. In essence, they are the two extremes, when it all comes down to it, in every way fathomable. Be it ritual, style, or overall paradigm. While the Chaos Magician—or Chaote—has free range when it comes to pressing his or her (or ‘hir’) will upon the known universe and beyond with little to no effort, the Ceremonial Magician is bound by strict rituals and actions. The Chaote merely needs to construct and fire a sigil, or do whatever else he pleases in whatever way he pleases to do it. They do as they will and will as they do, with no need to conform to strict rules and regulations in order to sow their garden and reap the fruits successfully. However, the Ceremonial Magician adheres to sometimes overly elaborate and multi-person rituals, complete with invocations, offerings, incense, and more than likely, more. Their invocations may be short or long; English or Enochian, and everything in-between. On terms of style, the Chaos Magicians is obviously freer than the Ceremonial Magicians. The Chaote is the freehand brush tool of the Magicshop toolbox, while the Ceremonial magician is the rigid line tool. The Chaote does what he or she will do as they want to do it. If they want to get something? They’ll make a sigil to help their efforts. If they have enemies and want to have ‘fun’ with them? They’ll make another sigil, or even a servitor—a spiritual golem of sorts—and watch safely from the sidelines, assuming it works. Morals are relative to the magician. Some don’t have them, some do. The Ceremonial Magician has

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