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People in general have experienced failure at some time in their life, the worst thing that happens is letting obstacles stop a person from getting back up again. Learning from one failure to another is a good route to success whether its from learning to ride a bike, pass an exam, or even subsatning fame. Many people have are facing failure at some point in there life. Many people don’t understand that learning from your mistakes can only better a person. For example the first time a person learns to ride a bike, they typically fall down a few times before getting the hang of it. This puts the person in the state of mind of giving up, if there perseverance continues to motivate them then they will eventually get the hang of it with practice. As you fall down each time you learn what not to do and this helps you for the next time you get on the bike. As you continue to practice and learn from your mistakes you will master the skill of riding a bike. Failing at one thing can give one self the opportunity to have success in another thing, this teaches a person not to give up and find better solutions to the problem. A good example would taking an exam, the results are in a few days later, and your nervous to know if you passed or fail, you go to look at the resuls and you know you failed, yes you did. Now this would be a point of failure, but the only way you would be learning form your mistake is understanding that you could of studied and got a passing grade, but for next time passin the exam will be the end result and prior to that studying would have been the lesson learned. This is an example because you are learning from your msitakes to better your self on next

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