Act 1- End Tension- a View from the Bridge

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Alfieri is the very first person we see in this section and he is doing a monologue. This monologue is very useful because it is prophetic and creates suspense. Alfieri is talking about Eddie and how he could “see every step coming, step after step, like a dark figure walking toward a door”, this makes you think of a number of possibilities. Could this door be like the light at the end of the tunnel, because it’s the door at the end of a corridor? It could be Eddie’s way out of the situation; the door could be Eddie’s exit. Or on the other hand Eddie could enter that door and just be starting something. Alfieri is generally used as a dramatic device because Miller only brings him into the storyline when he wants to fill in a space or create suspense. With Alfieri using words such as “I saw” or “I knew” and phrases such as “I could have finished the whole story that afternoon”, it creates suspense within the audience. This suspense is tension, which is the aim of miller at this particular point in the story. In the scene after the monologue when the “family” are talking about oranges and lemons Rodolfo corrects Eddie and the stage directions say that Eddie “resents his instruction” and Eddie comes out with an outburst of “I know lemons are green, for Christ’s sake!” This tension is a surprise, designed by Miller to shock you. Beatrice has to “divert” their attention by talking to Marco about his wife. Later Rodolfo says that it is stricter in his town and yet again Eddie doesn’t like being corrected by Rodolfo and has to get up and pace to calm himself down. This makes the audience tense because by making himself taller than Rodolfo, he is therefore more masculine and is stronger so he could get violent while he is stood up. This last point links to characterisation through actions because, by standing up and making himself dominant over Rodolfo, he is showing that
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