Act 1 Cruciable Essay

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Why is Reverend Parris so distraught? Describe his character. Find evidence to suggest that Rev Parris feels persecuted. Reverend Parris fears the worst for his reputation, if rumors/beliefs were to be going around than Rev Parris would almost defiantly be fired. Rev Parris is not so much worried for the children as he is for himself. Rev Parris is a very strict Christian man, he is smart and fearful of the Salem people. Rev Parris requests the deed to the house as he believes the people of Salem might take it from him, he makes clear how he feel persecuted when he and Proctor are arguing. Abigail, his niece, is clearly the leader of the children and controls them through intimidation. In what ways does she exert her power over them? Abigail uses a combination of fear, manipulation and threats to control and pressure the other children into doing what she wants them to do. John Proctor and Abigail have an affair. In John’s mind it is over, in Abigail’s it is not. What does Abigail when she says “I never knew the lying lessons I was taught by all these Christian Women and their covenanted man”. The ‘lying lessons’ that Abigail was taught was that sex was somewhat of a sin and that it was not enjoyable but just a way for the race to survive. She discovers that it can be romantic and very enjoyable. Describe John Proctor. John Proctor is an honest, hot-headed, hardworking, muscular, generally good man who has just made a small mistake. Rebecca Nurse is the voice of reason and common sense amidst all the hysteria. In what ways is she portrayed as a woman of integrity? Rebecca Nurse is the only rational thinker within the story, she tells us that she has seen her children and their children go through their stages of life, and this is what she believes Ruth and Betty to be going through. Rebecca is a woman of experience and knows how one must behave in

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