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The book recounts the nightmare that Joe Simpson and Simon Yates experienced when they climbed the not-yet-conquered West Face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. After reaching the summit on the 3rd day, Joe breaks his leg on a nasty fall as they start their descent down the mountain. For all sakes and purposes, a broken leg at 6,000 meters is a death sentence. In a forced fit of compassion, his climbing partner Simon decides to lower Joe down the vertical face of the mountain. During the vertical descent, due to extenuating circumstances (to put it lightly) Simon is forced to cut the rope holding Joe, letting him drop more than 100 feet into a white cloud of mist and snow. Somehow, Joe survives the fall and begins a three day crawl…show more content…
I knew the outcome of the book from the beginning and I was still enthralled and on the edge of my seat throughout. Surprisingly, the book's strength isn't the plot, rather its the experience that the reader shares when each of the climbers are forced with life and death decisions (which happens several times during the climb). The decisions that each of them make are a combination of being quick and instinctive and being slow and gradual. Some decisions occur immediately, with almost no consideration...(cut the rope) while others occur gradually over a period of hours or days (keep moving or I'm gonna die). One thing that really stood out for me was Joe repeatedly describing an inner voice that kept him going. The inner voice acted like a drill sargeant that kept him awake and urged him to keep crawling to his destination. In our own experiences, I believe that the inner voice speaks loudest to us during times of stress; although, I believe the inner voice is always there. The inner voice is our instincts, our gut, our intuition. The inner voice is 'the little man' that knows what to do when we are forced with a decision, whether its between life and death or 'paper or

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