Acquiring Admissible Statements Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Acquiring Admissible Statements Worksheet Conduct an Internet search by visiting the Arizona, Illinois, New York, and California state websites. Locate the legal requirements needed to acquire admissible statements in these particular states. Complete the worksheet below with your findings. |State |Legal Requirements |Precedent |Other | |Arizona |If voluntarily given, |Recently decided, by the Arizona Court of Appeals, in the case Arizona v.|Sources regarding the case: | | |a confession is |Londo, while an officer conducted a non-mirandized interrogation on a |Public Agency Training Council | | |admissible in evidence|drug suspect, the statement was, under the “rescue doctrine”, admissible | | | |in any criminal |as evidence in this case. Reason why is because during an undercover drug| | | |prosecution. Prior to |sting, shortly after Londo was arrested for selling crack/cocaine, He |Arizona Revised Statutes | | |the confession being |began to vomit and show other signs of a medical emergency. Therefore, a |Title 13 Criminal Code - Section 13-1416 Admissibility of minor's | | |allowed admissible in |detective at the scene believed that Londo may have swallowed some |statement Notice | | |evidence, the judge

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