Acme Mexico Essay

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ACME Mexico City - Operations Management Techniques Author Note Executive Summary 3 Linear Programming 4 General Purpose 4 Linear Programming in Acme Mexico City 4 Linear Programming Technique 4 Sensitivity Report 6 Limitations of Linear Programming 7 Data Driven Decision – Making AKA Data Analytics 7 General Purpose 8 Data Analytics in Acme Mexico City 8 Data – Time Periods 8 Alternatives 9 Data-driven decision making – Alternative 1 9 Data-driven decision making – Alternative 2 11 Decision Support System 12 General Purpose 12 Decision Support System at Acme Mexico 13 Limitations of Decision Support Systems 13 Conclusion 14 References 15 Executive Summary Acme Home Improvements, Inc. is making great strides towards the enhancement of the overall profitability of the company by applying operations management techniques in order to reduce operational costs. Additionally, the company believes that reducing these costs will provide the company with a competitive edge in order to strongly compete with other home improvement stores. The company is currently considering scheduling its employees in a way that it could decrease the overall costs of the company. Therefore, the company is looking to adopt various operational strategies and methods in order to identify the minimum costs of the company. Linear Programming General Purpose Linear programming is a mathematical method that allows management to determine how to reduce costs while maximizing profit. It is used when there are limited resources and a specific objective. Acme Mexico City will use linear programming to assist in making strategic decisions as well as helping management to set prices of the products offered at the company at the Mexico store. Linear Programming in Acme Mexico City In order to arrive at the minimum cost per hour associated with the employees, Acme
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