Acme Fireworks: Relevant To Agency Law

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Acme Fireworks Pamela Ware BUS 311: Business Law Instructor: Brandy Krelsler July 14, 2015 I. Introduction The introduction will included a Thesis Statement and give a summary of what will be writing in this essay. I have been give the honor to manage a company name Acme Fireworks. Here is a little about the company. Acme Fireworks is a company that is a sole proprietorship company, there is a manager and 15 employees that is presently running this company. The company is now growing and other are looking to have this company provide their company with fireworks. The manager and the employees have all been informed of some changes that might occur within the next couple of weeks. A contract will be done to insure that everyone…show more content…
Where the plaintiff suffered a material loss (Rogers, 2012 section 2-2). This will be where I determine if all five essential where apply. IV. The Potential Personal Liability to Acme Fireworks This section will discuss some of the potential of personal liability to acme fireworks and if a spectator is injured by a stray firework from a fireworks display. I will be explaining difference laws and give some examples of what the company is responsible for or not responsible for. V. Different employment types and relationships relevant to agency law A discuss of the different employment types and relationships relevant to agency laws. Also I will give some example of the different employment types such as gratuitous which is an agent is doing the hiring of an employee for free, or compensate (Rogers, 2012 section 12-1). Gratuitous, meaning the agent is doing the principal's task for free, or compensated, as in most employment agencies. This section will also give some examples of the different agencies duties. I will be discussing the disadvantages of have an agency as well as the advantages of having an agency handle business. VI. An explanation of a sole…show more content…
I will recommend a new business entity, and provide rationale to support my recommendation. Some example as well will be giving to support my recommendation. VII. Conclusion In this section I will be discussing every topic that was discuss in this essay a summary of the essay will be giving. The thesis statement will be enter into this section again and I will be able to give more examples of the laws of business. There will be facts given in this section and also some verification of the facts will be given in this section. On the next page I will be give some potential references for this

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