Aclu Fact Sheet On The Juvenile Justice System

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Justice System Position 1 Justice System Position Omeka Gordy CJS/240 09/23/2012 Jerri Mauldin Justice System Position 2 There has been an on going debate on whether punishment or rehabilitation would be the main issue with the juvenile justice system. There have been arguments going back and forth from punishment to rehabilitation and to this day there is still arguments going on in our society, some say they should force rehabilitation on our youths to better themselves, instead of punishing the youth which really does no one any good it could cause more problems for our youths instead of helping them ("Aclu Fact Sheet On The Juvenile Justice System ", July 5, 1996), putting juveniles…show more content…
What I mean is if a juvenile kills some one putting them in a rehabilitation program may not be the most appropriate way to go. If all juveniles are punished the same no matter what the crime this could contribute to more juvenile delinquent behavior because they see they have no other way out. Rehabilitation has both advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are focus on the needs of the offender and it will customize programs to the individual's needs, helping them to understand their issues and how they can take control of those issues. Also the cost of rehabilitation is less than incarceration. Some disadvantages are not enough staffing, not enough funding or short supply, all in all the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, due to reducing the numbers of juvenile offenders and reuniting them back to
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