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INTRODUCTION: Acids Acids are any chemical compound that, when dissolved in h2o (water) gives a solution with the pH below 7.0. Acids are sour, they also destroy chemical properties of bases. Acids conduct an electrical current through them. Common Acids Acetic acid is found in vinegar. Vinegar is used for cooking things, treating jellyfish stings and pickling. Another common acid is sulphuric (Sulfuric) acid, which is a strong acid. Sulphuric (Sulfuric) acid is soluble in water at all concentrations. It is used for car batteries, ore processing, oil refining and fertiliser manufacturing. Sulphuric (Sulfuric) acid is also a constituent on acid rain. Bases Bases are the chemical opposite of acids. A reaction between a base and…show more content…
Reactivity: Caustic on organic matter Electric conductivity: Aqueous solutions or molten bases dissociate in ions and conduct electricity Common Bases Ammonia base is a weak base and can be found in window and floor cleaners. Brief Explanation of Experiment We have tested household substances to determine their pH level and description of pH(strong/weak, acid/base or neutral) Indicator An indicator is a substance that determines whether a substance is an acid/base/neutral. It changes the colour of the substance depending on how much water the substance contains. The pH measures the acidity in a solution. Prediction: Water: 7.0, Green, neutral. Orange Juice: 3.0, red, strong acid. Lido Lemonade: 5.0, red-orange, weak acid. Coca Cola: 3.0, red, strong acid. Skim milk: 5.0, red-orange, weak…show more content…
We could use paper indicators (litmus paper) instead of a liquid indicator, then we could keep a more accurate record of the results. Questions: 2 Other Indicators: Red Cabbage Red cabbage is a naturally occurring indicator. When a red cabbage is grown, it is blue. Once sliced and with tap water added, it is quite blue. This is because tap water’s pH level is just over neutral (base). When vinegar is added to the cabbage, the cabbage will turn red. This is because there is a pigment (coloured chemical) in the red cabbage that acts as a pH indicator. Neutral Red Neutral Red is a dye used for staining histology (study of tissue under a microscope). Neutral Red also can be used as practical jokes. An example from “Wiretap Practical Joke Archive”: If you mix Neutral Red with red wine will make some people they are urinating blood. Neutral reds however can turn from red to yellow between the pH 6.8-8.0,so this questions the strength of this practical joke. Conclusion: I have found that different substances in the household aren’t all acid/base/neutral, some of them are different. I also found that there are more acids than bases in the household that we tested.

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