Acid Rain Essay

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Acid Rain Rain is one of the most important resources on the earth as all living creatures need water to stay alive. Rain brings us that water that we need daily but in some part of the world rain has becoming menace. This is because the rain is all polluted and this kind of rain is so call the acid rain. The acid gasses are mostly from cars, factories and home and because of it the life of the living creatures are getting dangerous. Acid gasses produce when fossil fuels are burned, when the acid gasses are mixed with rain it turns into acid rain. Acid rain can be very harmful to our environment and also all the living creatures on the earth. (Acid Rain) The formation of acid rain can be by natural sources like volcanoes or by manmade sources like emission of sulphur acid. (Agency) You might not realise how harmful acid rain is, acid rain might cause the falling of trees, buildings and more. Because of the falling of acid rain, fishes are dying, plants are dying, and the whole world is dying. The acid rain would wash away the minerals (like magnesium and calcium) in the soil which would help the trees to grow. Every type of materials for building will begin to erode quicker as the acid rain cause the process of erosion quicker. (Acid Rain) When acid rains enter the streams lakes, it will increase the acidity of the water. High acidity in the water can interrupt the reproduction or growing of the plants and fishes in the water. ( How does acid rain affect lakes and streams?) Acid rain wouldn’t hard the human directly but sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide (pollutants that cause acid rain) do damage human’s health. Coral reefs are known are the weakest marine creatures, they will need a very good environment to survive. Coral Reefs need warm water temperature, salt water, clear water, clean water and sunlight to survive. Once any each of this criteria does

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