Acid Rain Essay

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Acid rain is one of the tremendous environmental problems which is occurring all around the world. Scientifically, acid rain is the rain that contains harmful acids such as sulfuric and nitrite acids and caused by air pollution. As the fossil fuels are burnt for a variety of different purposes, the emission that contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen are added to environment. When the water vapor and oxygen in the atmosphere meet the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, they react and result in sulfuric acid and nitrite acid. In the atmosphere, these acids will mix with the rain and fall down as acid rain. As it falls down, it affects many elements of both physical and human landscape. On physical landscape, we can see its effects on water, plants and soil. For example, the acidity level of the lake increase, the soil nutrients are cleared away, and leaves of plants become yellow or brown and drop off, etc. Meanwhile, acid rain also affects human landscape, such as corroding or discoloring building and other structures. Anyway, there are ways to reduce the amount of acid rain. Actually, the most common way is reducing the use of fossil fuels or using fossil fuels with low sulfur content. For instance, besides burning fossil fuels, we can use solar energy, wind energy, or hydroelectric power, etc. In conclusion, we can say that acid rain is still a problem that we should not ignore. Instead, we need to take actions in order to help reduce its

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