Achilles vs. Agamemnon

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Achilles vs. Agamemnon Throughout history, humans have been fighting since the dawn of time. Whether it’s between two people, a family against another, or wars between countries that claim countless lives. With every argument, conflict, and war, the two sides are not as different as one may think. In the book The Iliad, the two main Greek characters, the warrior Achilles and the leader and king of the Greek forces, Agamemnon, fight and argue with each other all the time. Even though they think they are totally different from each other, they actually have more in common than they realize. Achilles and Agamemnon may be different in some ways such as their personalities, but they are similar in ways as behavior and their motives to fight. Personalities vary in every person. They can be a very caring and kind person, or a very cruel and vile person. In the case of Achilles and Agamemnon, they vary quite a bit. Achilles is a very practical and powerful character, while Agamemnon, he is a very authoritative persona. In one case that Achilles shows these traits when Agamemnon takes Brycesus from him and instead of letting him do that he takes her back. Agamemnon is an authoritative character. One good example of this is when he gives back Chrysis and then he decides that he deserves another prize, so he takes Achilles prize. These twos different personalities defiantly differentiate these two characters. One thing that both these characters share is that they are both on the quest of glory. They are both very concerned about their legacy and obtain the glory to make their name live in history, and will do anything to make sure that it does. They show many instances of this throughout the whole book. One big instance of this is when Achilles says that he will not fight for the Greeks because it will not make his name live on. Lastly, the biggest similarity

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