Achieving Organizational Success Essay

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Definition of Success: The New Jersey State testing and Student Growth Objectives (S.G.O’s) are ways our schools organization defines successful outcomes. The results of the state test gives us feedback on our students based on their scores and also by their ranking compared to every other district in New Jersey. We base our action plan off of these results and try to improve on our weak points for the next school year. Our goal is to achieve proficiency in each subject area of the test. The data provided from the results allows our administrators to evaluate which programs work for our students throughout the year and what needs to be changed for the following year. Student Growth Objectives (S.G.O’s) is another way for our organization to define success. In order to evaluate this success, teachers are to administer benchmarks at the beginning of every school year in order to evaluate the student’s progress throughout the year. This benchmark is usually used as the pre and post-test in order to properly evaluate their success for the school year. It also allows each teacher to properly categorize their student’s skill level in order to appropriately plan their lessons to target a student’s individual need. For example, the pre-test would be the test of the last unit in the math curriculum, before the lesson is taught, then at the end of the school year the post-test, which is the same test used at the beginning, is given after the students have done the entire planned curriculum in order to measure how much each student was able to learn and excel in. Obviously the students will not do well with the pre-test. However, it allows teachers to track their progress by being able to compare the results from the beginning and end of the year. Which in turn, will provide data on the growth of the student as well as for the class on that particular subject area. The
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