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Achieving My Goals Every since I was a teenager, bowling has been my passion. My achievements have been great. Each year I bowl, I reach new heights. I set goals to accomplish and achieve them one at a time. My ultimate goals are to bowl a three hundred game and an eight hundred series. A three hundred game is a perfect game consisting of twelve strikes. I met one of these goals three times in one season; each one being as exciting as the last. On November 23, 2003 my husband Dave, my son Mathew, and I make our way to Ft. Pierce Bowl where we bowl on the Adult-Youth league. This day started like any other bowling day. We arrive, warm-up with 10 minutes practice, and then start our competition. The league consists of sixteen teams. Mathew, Dave and I bowled on the same team. The first game we all bowled well. Mathew bowled a 207, Dave a 211 and I started with a 221. I continue bowling well, bowling a 245 the second game. The third game I can’t miss. Every ball I throw is in the pocket; I am perfect through eight frames. Two more frames to go; the excitement fills the air. The whole league has an eye on my score as they continue to bowl. The ninth frame another strike, three more strikes to go. The excitement builds as I get up in the tenth frame to finish my game. Everybody has stopped bowling and gathers around my lanes to watch. Strike! Strike number ten and eleven, everybody claps. Silence fills the air in anticipation. My legs feel like jell-o as I get up on the lane to throw my last ball. What a moment. I did it; I bowled a perfect game. Cheers fill the bowling alley as everyone comes to congratulate me. Dave and Mathew were first to get to me. My knees are still shaking as the rest of the league comes up to me one at a time to congratulate me. Phone calls come in as the news spreads fast. Dave calls my other son Michael and my


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