Achieving Meaning In Drama

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Achieving meaning in Drama There are various ways in which a playwright can achieve meaning in a drama play. It could be from the costumes the actors are wearing to how much emphasis the actor is putting in a word. These things not only add meaning to a drama play, but it also helps the viewer understand the play better. Things like the use of space and body gestures can make a huge impact and help the audience to see what the playwright is trying to interpret to them. Like I had mentioned above, the costumes that the actors wear are key in the meaning of the drama play. The costumes can give the audience an idea in which time the play takes place. The style of the costume and the colors used for it can reflect the what the character is like. For example, if there is someone wearing dirty, old clothes it gives you a sense that the character the actor is interpreting is from the lower class. Or vice-versa, if an actor is wearing clothes that are very elegant and fancy, you can assume that the character is rich and part of the high class in the play. The dialogue is also very important, because it can reveal a character and the mood he is in. The tone of voice in which the actor expresses himself is crucial. It allows the viewer to know the characters emotions and help to see things like if he is angry, sad or happy. A type of dialogue that can be used in a play are monologues. This is when only one character speaks. Monologues are very effective at revealing the character. They are also useful in a play to give exposition, or provide background material for the audience about what has occurred in the past, or what will occur in the future. In monologues characters also reveal their emotional states, as well as their dreams, wishes, problems, and conflicts. Characters also share in monologues their feelings toward other characters. Finally, body

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