Achievement & Orientation Essay

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Mastery before Performance: Greater Utilization of Goal Orientation There are many pathways one may take to facilitate and improve achievement; however the focus of this study shall be on the effect of goal orientation. Goal orientation is a term used for the different pathways and perceptions that people take towards greater achievement. The major orientations that shall be discussed in this paper are ‘Mastery’, which is when a subject’s intention is to focus on mastering and learning material; and ‘Performance’, which is when a subject’s main focus is on outperforming others and rating their own achievements in comparison (Pintrich, 2000). The proper utilization of these orientations can lead to the development of better training programs and therefore superior results. The differing methods do bring a question to mind however; namely is one better then the other, and does the situation or environment have an effect on the success of either orientation. In an effort to understand the different effects that post-training performance and mastery goal manipulation had on the level of skill retained from initial training, Stevens & Gist, (1997) conducted an experiment. This study focused on negotiation training and the ability of the trainee to utilize skills in successfully negotiating pay increases. Subjects were initially trained with negotiation skills and then following assessment, randomly assigned to either a ‘performance’ or ‘mastery’ post training manipulation. Those selected for ‘performance’ were instructed to view the negotiations as a chance to achieve the best outcomes; advised that goals could be used to achieve these outcomes; and were given instruction on goal setting. Mastery subjects were instructed that the post training they received was given to better improve their skills; instructed on effective tactics used in negotiation; how certain

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