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Achievement in College & Workplace A college student is a choice one can choose to become. College is a requirement for most occupations. A college degree always looks better on a resume for a job. College students set goals to meet for achievement of classes. These goals can also help in a workplace. It is always good to go to class and make good grades in college. Good habits are a good path to make while in college even though you can also pick up on bad habits as well. College students are not forced to do their own work or to come to class, it is made by choice. Three habits that are most crucial to achievement in college that could help out in the workplace would be, time management, focusing on doing task correctly, and being a loyal, dependable and friendly student/co-worker. The habit of time management is always great to have. What time management means to me, is being to work early, therefore I am on time and can be ready to get the day started. Being on time to college can always be a good thing. Early students get close parking spots and are not late for class. Classes are also a great time management task to turn in assignments on time and working ahead is allowed. Time management is helpful in a workplace too. Being late to work seems to offset the day so a great habit to have is being a little bit early. Working throughout the day most full-time jobs are eight hours straight mostly five days a week with a lunch period. Getting tasks done within a set time period can sometimes get stressful but it is always great to stay on your toes. A second habit to have in college would be to focus on getting task done correctly. Focusing on classes and school work can be very difficult at times. Good grades are what get you through college to proceed toward the major one has chosen. GPA is affected greatly on how good a student’s grades are as well.

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