Acetic Acid Essay

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Aim: | The aim of this experiment is to analyse a sample of vinegar and determine it’s concentration. | | | Hypothesis: | It’s expected that the aceatic acid will have the concentration of 0.1mol as this is the molarity of the NaOH as they have a 1:1 ratio of moles as it states in their chemical equations. | | | Apparatus: | * 1 x retort stand * 1 x retort burette clamp * 1 x burette * 1 x pipette * 1 x glass funnel * 2 x Conical Flasks * Sheet of filter paper * 200mL of 0.1 mol L-1 NaOH * 200mL of acetic acid of unknown concentration | | | Procedure: | 1. WARNING: Wear safety glasses and gloves! 2. WARNING: 0.1 mol L-1NaOH solution is caustic. Avoid skin contact. Clean up spills immediately. 3. Using a retort stand and a burette clamp the burette was set up. 4. It was ensured that the stopcock was shut, and then using a funnel the burette was filled and then drained to make sure that the NaOH solution wouldn’t get contaminated. 5. The burette was then refilled with the NaOH and the meniscus was adjusted so that it sat at 0.0mL 6. The pipette was filled with the acetic acid and then drained once again to ensure the pipette wasn’t contaminated as otherwise the obtained results could have been incorrect. 7. The pipette was then filled with 25.0mL’s of acetic acid and then drained into a conical flask, to speed up the process both of the conical flasks were filled with 25.0mL of the acetic acid. 8. Three drops of phenolphthalein was then added to the flask with the acetic acid. 9. The conical flask was then positioned to just under the burettes dropper which had its stopcock opened to allow a medium drip rate and had the sheet of filter paper slipped under it so that the colour could be seen more earily. As it was dripping the conical flask was gently stirred to allow the two substances to mix together. 10.
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