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Acetabular Fractures Essay

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Running head: What are the Types of Acetabular Fractures and their Treatments?

What are the Types of Acetabular Fractures and their Treatments?

This research paper on will touch on the types of acetabular fractures and what type of treatment is needed for each. There will be an overview of what causes acetabular fractures and what needs to be done for patients that sustain these injuries. This research paper will take you through the steps of evaluating acetabular fractures with diagnostic imaging techniques and evaluation by the physician performing a hands on pelvic exam. There are two classifications of acetabular fractures and they are broken down into several different types of fracture patterns. This paper will go in detail about each type of fracture and then explain if a surgical or non operative approach is needed for healing. It will also inform the reader of what patients have to do in operative and non operative situations.

What are the Types of Acetabular Fractures and their Treatments?
The acetabulum is the cup shaped portion of the hip bone where the ball shaped femoral head fits. Acetabular fractures are usually caused by high energy blunt trauma and usually have other injuries in the pelvis as well (Dipasquale and Nowinski, 2000). The blunt trauma usually results from a high velocity fall or a motor vehicle collision and the femur exerts force onto the femoral head and then onto the acetabulum (Thornton, 2009). Life threatening injuries can also accompany acetabular fractures and these injuries have to be stabilized before a patient can be taken to surgery (Dipasquale and Nowinski, 2000).Fracture fragments that are displaced can cause a breakdown of the cartilage in the hip joint and lead the patient with arthritis(Thacker and Tejwani, 2009). Patients with either type of acetabular fracture, have two options for treatment; surgical or the least invasive approach of...

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